Monday, July 15, 2013

Joan Rivers Faces Potential Fine, Expulsion in WGA East Trial (Analysis)

The penalties could be severe – but Rivers may have some unexpected defenses.

With the WGA East sending Joan Rivers off to a trial board for alleged violations related to Fashion Police, the star will be facing what’s likely to be a tough tribunal – and a fine that could be as high as all the money she’s made on the hit show in the last year, plus expulsion from the union.

What’s more, she may have to face her accusers without an attorney present. The WGAE rules say that a member at a trial board “may be represented by a Current member in good standing,” but there’s no provision for counsel.

And yet, as tough a jam as it may seem, Rivers may have some defenses – and might even be able to prevent a hearing from taking place at all. Let’s take a look at the accusations against Rivers, the procedure that comes next and her possible arguments.

Details: The Hollywood Reporter.

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