Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips Welcome

Now that I'm covering labor for The Hollywood Reporter, I want to say something that might be obvious: I want your tips, thoughts, rumors, etc. Whether it relates to AFTRA, DGA, SAG, WGA or another entertainment union, and whether you're on the management side or labor, I rely on your help. Anonymity is always respected.

In return, my commitment to you is to always be as balanced, fair, informative and detailed as possible. When I make mistakes, I'll correct them, so send me corrections too. Naturally, I'll always be looking be looking to corroborate information before printing it, but that's my job.

On a personal level, thank you. Praise (or polite, constructive criticism) is always welcome. You can reach me at jhandel at att dot net, 323 650 0060, or via the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn addresses below.

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