Thursday, August 5, 2010

SAG National Board Candidates Announced

SAG yesterday released the official list of candidates for its upcoming national board elections.  Notably, all of the open seats in LA (the Hollywood Division) are held by MembershipFirst members, which means that, as was the case last year, MF can at best maintain its level of representation on the national board. More likely, it will lose some of its board seats.

On the Hollywood divisional board, MF could gain or lose, as all division seats are up every year. This contrasts with the national board, where approximately 1/3 of the 69 seats are up in any given year. The president and secretary-treasurer, who are ex officio members of the board, have two-year terms, and are not up for election this year.

Ballots in Hollywood and New York will be mailed on August 24 with a return deadline and tabulation on September 23. Election results are expected to be announced that evening.

The Hollywood Division will elect 13 national board members and 22 alternates. Twelve candidate positions will be seated for a three year term and one candidate position will be seated for a one (1) year term (all national board alternates serve for one year).

The New York Division will elect five national board members and nine alternates. Each seat is for a three-year term.

Directors holding nine other national board seats will be elected from SAG Branches outside Hollywood and New York. Most of them have already been elected - see below.

Hollywood Division National Board Candidates
Candidate names are listed in random order, as they will appear on the ballot. Affiliations – MembershipFirst, Unite for Strength or independent – are indicated where known. Incumbents on the national board (N) and Hollywood board (H) are indicated where known, with data on this based on information from SAGWatch.

Note that anyone from Hollywood who is on the national board is automatically a member of the Hollywood board as well, but not vice versa.

1.  Clancy Brown (MF)
2.  Esai Morales (MF, N, H)
3.  John Tremaine
4.  Mobin Khan
5.  Michael O’Neill (UFS)
6.  Woody Schultz (UFS)
7.  Ron Perlman (UFS)
8.  L. Scott Caldwell (UFS, H)
9.  Valerie Harper (MF, N, H)
10.  Bill Smitrovich (UFS, H)
11.  David Clennon (MF)
12.  David Hillberg
13.  Salazar
14.  Marisol Nichols (UFS)
15.  Pete Antico
16.  Bob Carlson (MF)
17.  Leigh French (Ind)
18.  Angela Watson (MF, N, H)
19.  Jane Austin (MF, N, H)
20.  Jeff Austin (MF, N, H)
21.  Scott Pierce
22.  Jenny Worman (MF, H)
23.  Joe Bologna (MF, H)
24.  Gabrielle Carteris (UFS, H)
25.  Assaf Cohen (UFS)
26.  David Jolliffe (MF)
27.  Sam Jaegar (UFS)
28.  Joe Stevens
29.  Amy Madigan (MF?)
30.  Sumi Haru (MF, N, H)
31.   Dawnn Lewis (UFS, H)
32.   DeWayne Williams
33.   Dileep Rao (UFS)
34.   Renée Taylor (MF, H)
35.   Paul Napier (MF)
36.   Mimi Cozzens (UFS)
37.   Christine Lakin (UFS)
38.   William Charlton (UFS)
39.   Clyde Kusatsu (UFS, H)
40.   Alan Rosenberg (MF, H)
41.   Conrad E. Palmisano (UFS)
42.   Larry Joshua
43.   William Mapother (MF, N, H)
44.   Bernie Casey (MF, H)
45.   Michelle Allsopp (UFS, H)
46.   Ned Vaughn (UFS)
47.   Jason George (UFS, H)
48.   Rico Bueno (Ind?)
49.   Patrick Fabian (UFS, H)
50.   Hector Herrera
51.   Marcia Strassman (UFS)
52.   Mandy Steckelberg (UFS, H)
53.   Clark Gregg (UFS)
54.   Bertila Damas (UFS)
55.   Jon Huertas (UFS)
56.   Joe d’Angerio (MF, N, H)
57.   Tara Radcliffe (UFS)
58.   Ellen Crawford (UFS)
59.   Alan Ruck (MF)
60.   Michele Santopietro (MF?)
61.   Clint Howard
62.   Donal Logue (UFS)
63.   Gilles Marini (UFS)
64.   Stacey Travis (UFS, H)
65.   Peter Kwong (MF?)
66.   Sarayu Rao (UFS)
67.   Jeff Garlin (UFS)
68.   Michael O’Keefe (UFS, H)
69.   Nancy Sinatra (MF, N, H)
70.   Jenny O’Hara (UFS, H)
71.   Matt Crabtree
72.   D.W. Moffett (UFS, H)
73.   Frances Fisher (MF, N, H)
74.   Carole Elliott (MF)
75.   Reneé Aubry (MF)

New York Division National Board Candidates
Candidate names are listed in order by randomly selecting a letter and then listing candidate names alphabetically by last name starting with the letter selected. The letter “U” was randomly selected, but there are no names that start with U, V, W, X, Y or Z, so the list wraps around, and “A” becomes the first to be listed. Following is the order in which they will appear on the ballot.

All listed candidates are part of United Screen Actors Nationwide, a NY based slate that generally votes the same as UFS, with the exception of Tom Nonnon, who is independent.

1.  Manny Alfaro
2.  Dave Bachman
3.  Marc Baron
4.  Justin Barrett
5.  Andrew Dolan
6.  Maureen Donnelly
7.  Nancy Giles
8.  Mike Hodge
9.  Richard Masur
10.  Sue-Anne Morrow
11.  Joe Narciso
12.  Tom Nonnon
13.  Jay Potter
14.  John Rothman
15.  Kevin Scullin

2010 SAG Regional Branch Division Board Election Candidates

Candidate names are listed in alphabetical order, as they will appear on the ballot. In most Regional Branches where candidates ran for office unopposed, the candidates may be declared elected without the necessity of a membership vote*.

Steve Fried* (elected)

Todd Hissong

Nancy Duerr* (elected)

Debra Nelson* (elected)

Robert Nelson* (elected)

New Mexico
Roy Costley* (elected)

San Francisco
Tom Chantler* (elected)

Abby Dylan* (elected)

Anne Sward* (elected)

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  1. Unite For Strength

  2. So, when you "did all these jobs where I split my P&H, I have to join both unions, double dues, etc." you were in a VERY SMALL minority - a minority NOT WORTH CHALLENGING AFTRA'S POACHING OF SAG'S 95% of ALL jurisdiction WITH THE NLRB.

    NOW? The "plan" has worked like a charm. All TV goes to AFTRA. MERGE.

    But, any HONEST actor interested in a strong, vibrant, protective, accomplished, long-standing union, you know, like SAG, would HAVE to ask him or herself "WHY wouldn't our OWN NED, President and Secretary Treasurer say a SINGLE WORD about the theft of these pilots by AFTRA IF SAG already HAS that jurisdiction, and WHY wouldn't these very same people IMMEDIATELY issue a Unit Clarification Claim with the NLRB to GET BACK WHAT BELONGS TO SAG?


    IT IS THE UNIT OF WORKERS, and, as in the past, the NLRB, had the claim been filed (it STILL CAN - it's NOT TOO LATE IF WE DEMAND IT AND NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER) - the NLRB would say to AFTRA (by the way, the NLRB HATES AFTRA, because they have been having to tell them to fuck off SAG jurisdiction for DECADES) - they'd ask:


    And AFTRA's lawyers would say "blee, bloo, blah, ner, nippy, plee, tuck!"

    And the NLRB would say "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE - AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    AND we'd have ONE union, ONE set of dues, ONE P&H program, ONE initiation fee, at the ONE union for ALL TV and MOVIE actors


    Now, HONESTLY, any actors reading this, WHY in God's name, do you want to be led by these LIARS into a producer-compliant union that NEVER strikes and watch the slow steady loss of the wages, working conditions, benefits, - and the MUST-HAVE participation in new media - the NEW UNION will NEVER GET, the kind of deals our predecessors spent THEIR LIVES sacrificing to gain, for YOU?

    AT SAG? WHY?

  3. This year, SAG will be in the black, 300k.

    Next year, SAG will be in the red 5 million dollars.

    Don't believe me? Let's put it this way. Believe me.

    So, our current NED, David White was sort of... cornered, and asked, "what the hell is up with that? We think WE know what is up with that, but YOU are really the official to OFFICIALLY tell us what is up with that."

    So, White hems "Well, it's complicated, due to..."

    He haws "You know that drop in revenue has a number of..."

    And finally he sings like a nightingale, "The loss of the TV pilots. That's why."

    So, in their twisted world view, and in response to this information, here's what UFS and merger-zombies will say:


    Not, of course, the truth, which is, "David White, Ken Howard and Amy Aquino have had one plan, and one plan only since taking control of the union - weaken SAG to the point it HAS to merge with AFTRA. The REALITY is, these officials who have a fiduciary responsibility to the membership of SAG - NOT AFTRA, and NOT THE AMPTP, have been GIVING AWAY THE STORE FROM DAY ONE ON THEIR WATCH.

    So, some say "How can THEY stop the producers from giving all the TV pilots to AFTRA?!"

    And then the people who know the LAW can respond "Because the TV pilots are ALREADY SAG'S jurisdiction, it already IS THE LAW, but you can't ENFORCE the law unless you file a Unit Clarification Claim with the NLRB, saying, "HEY! AFTRA is being awarded ALL TV jurisdiction by the AMPTP, which we think is colluding with AFTRA to create the FALSE impression that there is an ALL TV (AFTRA) - all movies (SAG) divide, so, it only strengthens the argument for merger."

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, any reading this, or copying and pasting it or pulling their hair out, or having seizures, let's all be adults, and let's all be totally, completely honest with each other, o.k.?

    The current moderate-government of SAG has ACTIVELY stripped SAG like a Caddy left on 158th street with the keys in it, to allow AFTRA to have all TV jurisdiction, to help the argument that "splitting P&H, initiation fees, dues, " etc, is Koo-Koo CRAZY!!! and we MUST merge!!!!!!!!"

    But, of course, this is a NEW development, that has been facilitated ONLY by the current moderate government of SAG. 2 years ago? SAG had 95% of ALL jurisdiction.

  4. Dear Mr. Mulhern -

    Two questions:

    1) Do you show your shrink what you post here and on

    2) Has he considered doubling your dosages?

  5. It is interesting, I will go back to read them again.