Monday, May 18, 2009

SAG Hardliners' Picnic No Walk in the Park

What if you held a picnic and nobody came? That’s almost where Membership First found itself yesterday. A beautiful day, a heavily promoted event, yet the SAG faction was only able to draw about 70 people to its Griffith Park / LA Zoo shindig, reports Variety.

SAG President Alan Rosenberg, who spoke at the picnic cum rally, predicted “a good chance” of defeat for the pending TV/theatrical deal, but that seems unlikely if MF can only attract a handful of members to an event in LA, considered the group’s stronghold. The ballots go out tomorrow (Tuesday the 19th), with a June 9 return date, so we’ll know in a few weeks whether the MF tigers still roar or whether they’ve turned to paper.


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1 comment:

  1. I understand the video posted/filmed by MF shows the number much less than 70....and Alan, AMJ and others have never offered a plan what happens next if they defeat the contract.

    I'm voting me, and our members can get back work, so we can stop losing $1.4 million a week, and start working toward pension and health plans, and pay the rent.