Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SAG Cutting Staff by 8%

Because of a budget shortfall, SAG's cutting its staff by 8%, or 35 people out of 440, report the trades, LA Times and blogs (see SAGWatch for links). No word on whether any top-level staffers will go. One source said that all names known internally are clerks and similar staffers.

The budget shortfall is allegedly due in part to uncontrolled spending by SAG while it was underMembershipFirst control for the last several years, according to a report on SAGWatch. The larger economic crisis is no doubt another factor.

That 8% figure is about the percentage several studios have cut recently as well. The trades (Variety and Hollywood Reporter) and LA Times have cut as well, the latter even more significantly. Day jobs such as waiters, temps and personal trainers are down as well, as one of the trades recently pointed out (apologies - I don't remember which one). Dark days in Hollywood.

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