Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SAG-AFTRA Commercials Update

Small moves by each side, but movement nonetheless, characterizes the ongoing commercials contract negotiations being held in New York between SAG and AFTRA jointly and the advertising industry, according to a source close to the talks.

The unions retain the option of seeking a strike authorization, the source added, but are not planning to do so as yet, given the incremental progress being made. No doubt the uncertainty of obtaining authorization in this financial and industry climate is also a factor.

A welcome bit of news: the source said that SAG and AFTRA are working well together, with no evidence of factionalism. Most SAG-AFTRA decisions are being made by consensus, with little need to vote, and with disagreements being debated forcefully but respectfully.

Talks are believed to be ongoing. The contract expires March 31, one week from today, although negotiations could always continue past expiration if necessary, if both parties agree.


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