Monday, January 12, 2009

SAG Board Meeting Starts

The SAG National Board meeting began this morning at 9:00 a.m. accompanied by light informational leafleting from pro and con sources. The meeting is expected to be contentious. The leafleting was not. About 20 pro-hardline leafletters showed up, and about 5 anti-strike folks. Spotted among the hardline group were Ed Asner and National Board member Frances Fisher.

A notable absence was the organizer of the anti-strike contingent, who stated in an email that he had showed up, then decided to leave when he saw how small the turnout was and because he felt the large picket signs he and a (SAG?) member had brought were too large to be appropriate.

Also strange: I saw SAG President Alan Rosenberg entering the meeting at about 10:15, i.e., about an hour after it had started. I don’t know if he had been in already and left the meeting, but it looked like he was coming from the parking lot, which suggests he had just arrived. No idea what this means. More later, as developments warrant.

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