Sunday, November 9, 2008

AMPTP, IA to Talk Monday

Negotiations between SAG and the AMPTP (studios) are stalled, and the mediation process seems glacial, so the AMPTP is taking advantage of its free time to negotiate with IATSE, it seems. The two parties are sitting down for talks tomorrow (Monday) and have scheduled three days' worth of sessions, reports Variety.

The IA and AMPTP last met about seven months ago, also for three days. Seemingly, there's no rush -- the IA deal doesn't expire until next August. But on the other hand, the AMPTP would love to be able to announce yet another deal incorporating the new media template that SAG objects to. That template -- a set of provisions regarding minimums, residuals, jurisdiction and other matters -- has been part of four other deals this year (DGA, WGA, and two AFTRA deals).

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