Monday, June 30, 2008

AMPTP Makes Final Offer to SAG

The AMPTP just made a final offer to SAG. I'm advised by a AMPTP spokesman that this offer tracks the AFTRA and DGA/WGA deals in terms of minimums, new media, and other provisions. On force majeure (an actors-only issue), the AMPTP offer holds to the AMPTP's previous position that the existing contract language should be revised.

The AMPTP spokesman confirms that this is a "last, best, and final offer" in legal terms. Such an offer would allow the AMPTP to impose the offer's terms once the SAG agreement expires tonight. However, as the AMPTP press release says, "As SAG's leadership considers our final offer, we will continue for now to work under the terms of the old contract as current productions wind down."

The AMPTP has offered to meet with SAG on Wednesday afternoon to explain the offer, but states that it will not entertain counter-offers.

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