Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Directors Should Make a Deal the Writers and Actors Can Live With

The Directors Guild has been negotiating with the studios and networks for the last several days. If they want to end the writers strike - and put the industry back to work - they should do a deal on new media that the writers and actors will accept too. See my LA Times Op-Ed piece for more.

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  1. Really interesting piece.
    As a casual observer, with a lot of friends involved in this ruckus, I have always thought that the new ownership in the studios, The Rupert Murdochs ETC are looking to savage the guilds. Destroying unions made Murdoch what he is. I can't imagine he will back down until this is in his (the studios) favor.

    I think the stars will look out for themselves (whether an A-List writer, actor or director) and the rest of the members may find a much more difficult contract negotiation awaiting them. More up-front if you can get it, but I think the studios are not going to cave on the future of residuals.

    But what do I know?