Friday, November 30, 2007

WGA Strike - Confusion Reigns

Are the talks between writers and producers headed for a breakdown, or are we on the road to a deal? It's impossible to tell. The producers say their new proposals represents an increase in compensation to the writers. The writers say it represents a decrease.

In addition, it appears that the writers have a proposal on the table too. Yet, the writers' public statement omits details of their proposal, while offering some details of the producers' proposal. Meanwhile, the producers' statement has no details of either.

The writers' statement is bitter and angry, yet they say they're going to study the producers' proposal -- even though they've already attacked it. In contrast, the producers' statement implies that talks are on the way to a fruitful conclusion. We're being spun by at least one party, and probably both. The parties should release the full text of their proposals and let the public judge.


  1. I find your writing to be slanted in favor of the suits. I'd like to see more neutral coverage of the strike.

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  3. Actually, I think I slant a bit in favor of the writers. See http://digitalmedialaw.blogspot.
    residuals-go-forth-and.html (which the WGA linked to from its home page, and which both United Hollywood and Artful Writer complimented),
    residuals-still.html, and my quotes in
    categoryid=10&cs=1 and
    VR1117974428.html, as well as my recommendations in

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