Friday, November 23, 2007

Internet Interdit for WGA Writers?

Can WGA writers write new media content (Internet webisodes and cell phone mobisodes) during the strike? There's disagreement, but my analysis is yes - if the employer (or purchaser) is not a signatory to the WGA agreement. WGA strike rule 1 only prohibits such writing for struck companies. And, new media writing is not within WGA jurisdiction, so writing such content for non-signatories is not prohibited.

Remember - this blog is not legal advice. Consult your lawyer or the WGA for a definitive answer.

Here's the relevant portion of the rule: "With regard to programming made for non-traditional media (such as the Internet and cellular telephones), this Rule prohibits writing services performed for a struck company in connection with new programming intended for initial release on non-traditional media and the option or sale of literary material for this purpose."

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