Monday, April 1, 2013

New book - Entertainment Labor: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography

A must-have for academics, union staff and attorneys working in entertainment labor, ENTERTAINMENT LABOR: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography is a 345 page annotated bibliography of over 1,500 books, articles, dissertations, legal cases and other resources dealing with entertainment unions and guilds and various other aspects of entertainment labor.

The book is the product of hundreds of hours of research and of compilation of search results from almost twenty databases.

Also included are:
 * Annotations (where necessary to explain the relevance of the book or article)
* Capsule descriptions of legal cases
* Page references (where only a portion of the book or article is relevant)
* URLs (for those full-text articles that are available online at no charge)
* A detailed chapter on materials available from the unions and guilds themselves
* A 90-page index

Email me (jhandel99 at gmail dot com) for sample pages, or just click here to purchase.

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