Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Anti-SAG Lawsuit That Won't Quite Die

Remember the lawsuit filed by then-SAG president Alan Rosenberg, 1st VP Anne-Marie-Johnson and board members Diane Ladd and Kent McCord against their own Guild? That's the suit that got dismissed for the umpteenth time last month.

Turns out that there's some unfinished business. SAG's lawyers filed a motion for court costs, in the amount of $834.44. If the figure sounds low, remember that that's just filing fees and the like; it's basically impossible to obtain an award of attorney's fees.

Well, it turns out that Rosenberg et al have now filed a counter-motion to strike some or all of those costs. Thus, on October 12, there will be yet another hearing, requiring once again the presence of SAG's outside lawyers, who are presumably being paid by the hour.

So, rather than Rosenberg and the three other plaintiffs paying about $200 each in court costs as a result of their long-lived misbegotten battle, they'd rather first see if they can force the guild to expend just a little bit more members' dues on this nonsense. Not the sort of scorched earth tactics one would hope for.

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  1. Shouldn't Anne Marie Johnson, Alan Rosenberg, Kent McCord and Dianne Ladd simply be shown the door and invited never to haunt the hallways of SAG again? Hollywood members could do this in a heartbeat by not voting for any Membership First candidates in the current election.