Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interview with Anne-Marie Johnson

Andrew Salomon over at Back Stage magazine's Blog Stage has an excellent and revealing interview with SAG 1st VP Anne-Marie Johnson.

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  1. by matt mulhern

    the importance is that both johnson and ruck as national board members will be able to see the books - and th coming merger push, as ned vaughn has stated is on its way should "vote yes" limp across the 50 plus 1 finish line means the full report of aftra's heretofore unknown inside info, will be known to all sag members. aftra , and certain sag members continue to push for merger because aftra wants what sag has and of course, sag, wants no part of aftra. this will lay out the full "who exactly has what" information aftra dreads being made public, should the ned vaughn's of sag push for merger, and it will become crystal clear, once again, why aftra needs to be decertified and all sag actors brought under sag's roof.