Friday, February 6, 2009

Rosenberg v. SAG documents posted

If you want to review the legal documents in the lawsuit filed by Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg, Guild 1st VP Anne-Marie Johnson, and board members Kent McCord and Diane Ladd against SAG, they are posted here. I'll update the document folder as more documents become available.

Some abbreviations used in document titles:

Cplt = complaint. This is the document that initiates a lawsuit. It includes an outline of the alleged facts and of the legal arguments that the plaintiff is making.

1st Am Cplt = First Amended Complaint. This is a revised complaint.

P's & A's = Memorandum of Points and Authorities. This is the name that California lawyers use for a legal brief - i.e., a detailed legal argument, with references to precedent.

Decl = Declaration. A sworn statement by a party to the lawsuit or by a witness.


  1. Can you check the viability of the Docket Sheet upload? I can't get anything from that particular link.



  2. Never mind -- although the document will not display online like the others, the downloaded PDF works fine.